Friday, May 20, 2011

No depth to them tonight...

I didn't have any deep existentialist thoughts when I woke up tonight, which is just as well as I don't want to overburden my mind too much, although it did give me some blog fodder yesterday. It gave me a subject to write about anyway, while now I'm going to have to pull a rabbit out of my hat, so to speak. Writing cold turkey, with nothing specific on my mind, is a real challenge and I don't know if I can pull it off. 

There, I've already mentioned two animals that I'm not in possession of. A rabbit and a turkey and they are both good to eat. I can testify to that. I ate them both when I was still eating meat and could very easily eat them again, except that my conscious would bother me too much, but I sure did enjoy the taste of them. 

I generally like eating meat, providing it is cooked well and doesn't remind me of the animal too much. I dislike cold luncheon meats, especially if it has bits and chunks in it, but I do like ham as it is unrecognizable and tasty. But of course, I don't eat any of it anymore, except for the chicken in chicken and pasta soup. 

I do make an exception for that. I figure I need the little bit of protein I get from it and it is good for me. I can't be a full time saint. I find it difficult to be the best kid in the class all the time. I try to ignore the hopeless fate of the chickens as much as possible when I eat the soup. 

Actually, my favorite dish to eat when I still ate meat was roasted quail and lobster. I would have walked a mile for it. It was finger licking good and very decadent. I think I will have it for my last meal. The lobster at any rate, dipped in melted butter. Oh, I get hungry just thinking about it. I'm a principled meat loving vegetarian.

Well, let's talk about something other than food or I'm going to have to raid the refrigerator. Not that there are very exciting things in there. I do take care that there aren't. There are only the basics in there and nothing really decadent at all. You will find no Belgian bonbons there, icy cold and ready to pop into my mouth. Or ice cream in the freezer. There's chocolate pudding there, but I save that for dessert. It's a rule. 

Some rules about food can't be broken and I live by them as strictly as I live with my own particular day and night schedule. I eat certain things at certain times of the day and I sleep and take naps at certain times of the day and night. I find that predictability is the most comfortable and what I'm the most at ease with. If I do things at certain preset times, I'm most likely to get through the day and night successfully.

I'm having a tall glass of ice cold milk now and it usually takes care of any cravings I have, whatever sort of a craving it is. My taste buds and stomach get fooled into thinking they're having something really good and are satisfied, Isn't that an easy solution? I lose my longing for ice cream right away and I don't need to eat bonbons because my stomach gets full. 

There, it all started out with a rabbit and a turkey and that's where I'll end and I'm so not hungry for them now. These are the deepest thoughts I had tonight. They were all about food and for a change not about clothes, which is another subject I like to write about. More on that later, no doubt. 

I hope you're all having a good night and that you'll have a good morning. I was dressed almost warm enough yesterday. It was a bit chillier than I expected. It will be again today. It's hard to decide what to wear. I hope you have nice weather.



young-eclectic-encounters said...

Delightful chain of thought post- I really like to do that at times- I call it my brain drain- it gets all these misc thought out of my head and and it's kind of relaxing like a written daydream

Bernie said...

I didn't know you were a vegetarian, I love surf and turf, it is one of my favorite meals.
I have just come to bed so I think you are probably still sleeping as it is early morning there.
Our weather is dry and warm and I am selfishly loving it as we badly need rain to put the fires out.
Have a great Friday....:-)Hugs

Twain12 said...

haven't made the leap to Vegetarianism yet...i do try to shop cruelty free step at the time i guess.Have a god weekend, we are having a long one (Victoria Day)

Maggie May said...

I think you should have put up a warning on your blog. RABBIT LOVERS MIGHT FIND THE CONTENTS OF THIS POST OFFENSIVE!
As for pulling them out of a hat.... leave my bunnies alone! They are quite partial to a hat!

Hoping you are having a very happy day.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Fresh Garden said...

I'm a vegetarian too. I fought my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian.

Maureen said...

Ah i wish I could be a vegetarian, but I love bacon way too much... ;) I don't go in for anything "wild" though including rabbit. I had two as pets and would never touch one on a plate. Lamb either... hubby lived on a sheep farm (to raise for wool only) and I would never eat it.

Bernie, how the heck did I just KNOW you were from Alberta? As soon as you said "fires" I knew. Here in Manitoba we are fighting water not flames.