Monday, October 17, 2011

Own up to nothing...

I just walked the dog in the late afternoon autumn sun. It was pleasant to be out there because it wasn't too cold and there was no wind to speak of. I had to enjoy it extra much because tomorrow it's going to start raining and it will be done with the fun. I wanted to tell the dog to enjoy the weather, but I don't think he would have cared one way or the other. It's all the same to him. 

I'm having a much needed cup of coffee and it is agreeing with me better than the glass of milk I tried earlier. The milk upset my stomach and caused me to have much discomfort. I'm not back to normal yet. I think now that I must have some bacterial or viral infection because I really felt ill too while I was having these stomach problems. While I am having them still. 

Tonight I'm going to make a very light chicken soup and hope for the best. I'm not going to put any vermicelli in it and basically keep it as simple as possible. It will be mostly bouillon. My personal helper said that I should keep my electrolytes in balance and to do that with something salty. So soup it is.

There, I've already told you more than I was planning to. I was going to keep it light and simple, just like my soup. I wasn't planning on going into a lengthy discourse on my stomach. 

I'm so ready for my glasses to be ready. I'm anticipating a phone call every day, but it may take another week. I've gone so long without glasses, I should be able to wait that much longer. I'm just very impatient to have them. Every day I'm second guessing if I picked the right pair, but I won't know for sure until I've got them on. And then it will be too late to change my mind. 

I've forgotten to watch the news. Now I'm ignorant until later this evening. Luckily, I get a second opportunity. There are political shenanigans going on again. Aren't there always? 

I must make soup to strengthen me. I can't face it on an empty stomach. 

I hope you'll all have a nice evening.



Connie Rose said...

Well then, I must be very ignorant, because I NEVER watch the news, listen to the radio or read newspapers. The only thing I have any semblance of control over is my own life, so I don't bother with all the rest of it anymore!

CorvusCorax12 said...

i hope the soup will do the trick..i'm much better too, i never stay sick for long thank goodness.

Maggie May said...

Hope the soup does you good.
This is my second attempt at commenting. The last one was swallowed up somewhere.

As regards the news..... many European countries (England too) are demonstrating against the Banking & governments that they don't seem to have any confidence in.
Hoping you have a good night. The temperature is dipping here tonight quite alarmingly..
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Gail said...

I try to avoid the news...I prefer to keep my head in the sand.