Monday, April 16, 2012

There's more than meets the eye...

The darn dog woke me up not too long after I fell asleep and now, of course, I'm sitting here trying to be wide awake with the aid of a cup of coffee. I'm actually in a pleasant sort of state of mind, slightly drowsy but awake enough to function. My head is a little bit fuzzy but I think I can make sense, although I feel the slightest bit stoned. No doubt the coffee will sober me up in no time. Caffeine has been known to do that to me. 

I do want to take advantage of this pleasant state of mind and write something agreeable. Maybe I am so soft of heart now that I will only write nice things, although I'm sure you're going to accuse me of always doing that. Maybe I only think less agreeable things and don't actually write them down. If not, I must get more brave and stick my neck out more often. It's not my job to only be nice after all. 

Tonight I am more than willing to be nothing but entertaining and kind but I must stay in this state of mind. Maybe I should stop drinking coffee. I don't want to make any spelling and grammar mistakes however so I do have to be on my toes. My spell check only works for the Dutch language and marks just about every word I write wrong. Everything is underlined in red. This makes things very confusing and I really have to be very alert. 

I would like to be full of piss and vinegar but I have to take on a different role for that. I do have someone to take as an example for that and her way of blogging is a great inspiration to me. She tells it like it is and then some. I'll keep her under wraps and not reveal who she is. I'll try to be more like her and she can be my mentor. I'll keep her in mind as I make my own feeble attempts at being astute and profound. I do  think the caffeine is starting to take affect now. 

So you see, I've gone from wanting to be entertaining and kind to wanting to be full of piss and vinegar. So what will it be? It's a toss up. I think I'm as yet sitting on top of the fence but I must choose sides. 

I shouldn't have had the coffee and then at least out of my muddled mind something controversial would have come to the surface. That's the problem when you drink mind altering beverages. They also alter your ideas. The caffeine evened out my thought processes and now I have nothing interesting left to talk about. The next time I'm having a drink. That's a mind altering beverage too but maybe it will work less inhibiting. I may actually say something astounding.

At least I'm still yawning so I'm not completely lost. There are some vestiges of sleep left in me yet. Let that be of some comfort to me. Maybe out of this last bit of drowsiness something profound will arise.

Well, don't hold your breath waiting for it. It will have to wait until the next post.


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Gail said...

If she inspires you, I'm sure she wouldn't mind you sharing her with us. Maybe we need some encouragement to present some piss and vinegar.