Saturday, April 14, 2012

On a cloudy night...

I am happy because in the morning the Exfactor will do the groceries and I will have good things to eat in the apartment again such as Greek yoghurt and vanilla pudding and bananas. I had scrambled eggs for dinner and they weren't very exciting, although they were filling and, I suppose, good for me. I can't wait to have the Greek yoghurt because that's by far my favorite food to eat now because of its concistency, although I still like the vanilla pudding very much because of its creamy goodness.

I feel like there's come some variety in my diet especially since I've also added the drink yoghurt and the buttermilk. The bananas are also a great treat and I may try to find another fruit that I like as much and that is as easy to eat and digest. They are on sale right now so I will keep buying them. The dog also likes them very much but I should really feed him apples and save the bananas for myself. He is very fond of apples and thinks they are a real treat.

I've got to think of fun things to eat to make my diet as interesting as possible because I was down to just a few boring foods and not eating any fruits. It made my meals rather unappetizing and eating was just something I had to do to fill my stomach. Now the excitement is returning back into it. I will go to the supermarket with the Exfactor and see what other things look good. Maybe there are more foods I can add to my diet to put some pizzazz into it.

All that talk about food made me feel hungry and I am having a glass of drink yoghurt now. I think I prefer it to buttermilk. It has the same sort of consistency and sour taste but with a flavor and it's non fat.

Look at me carrying on about food as if there is nothing else to worry about. It is true that it plays a very important role in my life. More often in the very small amounts of it and the restricted variety. Naturally I get a little excited when I find out I may be able to expand on it.

I'm still sleepy enough so I know I'll be able to go back to bed without a problem and go back to sleep. I've got lots of time to do that, though, and no rush to go. The night is young and it is in the wee hours still. My bed is not yet like a siren that calls me.I really have to get some better pillows first before it really will, I think. The kind that your head sinks into yet are supportive enough. The old ones have seen better days. 

I am yawning an awful lot, though, and maybe I will be back in bed sooner than I think. The dog is sound asleep beside me on the floor. He's been out back and is all settled down for the night. He will follow me to the bedroom and get on the bed with me when I get in. Hopefully he will sleep late in the morning and we can have a leisurely time waking up. I do need to drink my cup of coffee peacefully before the Exfactor gets here. 

I hope you're all having a good night. 



CorvusCorax12 said...

i heard Greek yogurt is very good for you, so enjoy

Maggie May said...

You're making me feel very hungry too....... and its not long since lunch!
Enjoy the Greek yogurt when you get it.
Maggie X

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