Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cherchez de la caffeine...

I'm having a cup of coffee after I took this afternoon's nap and was so rudely awakened by the ringing of the telephone. I was really done sleeping anyway because I had to make a phone call myself before the afternoon was over. The timing couldn't have been better. 

Usually these kinds of things work out well. As a rule to my advantage. I am lucky that way. Or I just see the positive side of everything, that's possible too. There are always more ways to look at everything. Well, not at everything. There are limits. 

The coffee tastes good but the caffeine is not starting to do its work. I'm not nearly coherent. I expected to be completely so shortly. The coffee was leftover and I just made a new pot. I'll see if that works better. It seems to me that leftover coffee doesn't deliver the punch I require to get me going. I think I've made that observation before.

I've already taken my evening's dose of medicines because I wanted to get a kick start. I tell myself this works, but I don't know if it actually does. 

I've been unable to drink milk today and every glass I've tried has upset my stomach. Needless to say this has caused me some grief because I do like my glasses of ice cold milk to quench my thirst with. It was not meant to be. I'm afraid to try it again now, but sooner or later I will be tempted by the icy coldness again. Hopefully things will go better then. 

The Exfactor put together the six drawers of the dresser and then he ran out of time. He will put together the rest of it later. I was somewhat tempted to do it myself, but then I came to my senses. There are mostly larger pieces left over and those would be hard to manhandle on my own. I'd hate to struggle with them and hurt my neck. 

I'm still using the anti-inflammatory medication for it and I'm going to use it all up, not wanting to take any chances. I'm hardly in any pain as long as I take it and I want to keep it like that.  I have the occasional ache, but I ignore it as much as possible. Mostly I try to stay relaxed and, of course, that's hard to do when you put together furniture. 

I'd hate to have to call the doctor's office to get a renewal for my perscription and tell them that I've not done the exercises. I'm notorious for not doing exercises when I have aches in my body. I'm a firm believer in painkillers. I always get over aches with their help and relaxation techniques. 

I have to end this post and walk the dog. It's that time of the day again. Luckily, it's beautiful weather outside. I don't have to wear a winter coat. 

Have a nice evening all of you.


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Gail said...

Progress...where's that camera? Did you take a before so you may take an after?

Have a glorious day/evening/night.