Sunday, April 15, 2012

Isn't it wonderful?

Isn't it wonderful to reward yourself regularly just for being a human being and for doing the best that you can? You don't have to perform any special deed to deserve the reward. Just living well is enough. We shouldn't feel that we always have to jump through hoops to get a pat on the head. Sometimes just making it through the day should be more than enough. 

In my case I reward myself with something nice to eat. Not something decadent and fattening but something that will agree with my stomach well and that's for the most part nutritious. But it will be a food I enjoy eating. I can find great delight in eating a banana for example and I make sure I enjoy the experience completely. 

Of course, one of the really nice things I eat is Greek yogurt with brown sugar. I really sit down well in my armchair for a bowl of that and savor every bite of it. It's one of the kindest things I can do for myself and I think I deserve the whole bowl just for being your average, every day person. Someone who does the best that she can and makes it through the day intact. 

And that's not because my life is such a battle, though you could say that it consists of many small battles, but because life in general is not a bed of roses for anyone. And, after all, roses do have their thorns, don't they?  Actually, I lie about life not being a battle, it has been a great big ugly battle at times. It's even been all out war.

All the more reason to reward myself on a regular basis. I don't mean that you should indulge yourself in every whim because that would defeat the purpose. But you should defintely create special moments for yourself that make your feel good and warm all over by whatever method that happens to be as long as it's legal. I do want to emphasize that point. If you get a kick out of shoplifting, I don't suggest you do that. 

That's the thought I woke up with this night and I realize it's armchair psychology. Anyone can come up with this philosophy and I'm sure many people have. I'm sure I'm not a lone voice calling in the desert but maybe I planted a seed. 

In the meantime I'm sitting here having a halfway decent cup of coffee and my cigarettes. That's another way of rewarding myself. They're kind deeds I do for myself but they're such ordinary, often in a day things that I almost take them for granted. I do say almost, I never take them for granted completely and I do appreciate them every time. I'm fully aware of their effect on me and I would not be the same person without them.

I've got to indulge in some other activity now and then go back to bed. I hope you're all having a good night. 


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CorvusCorax12 said...

all this talk about Greek yogurt has me having a hankering for Tzatziki with french bread :)