Thursday, January 27, 2011

The bull by the horns...

Today is my day off and I can do with it as I please. I will have to walk Tyke and do some chores, but other than that, I can be as leisurely as I want to be. I have no appointments and nobody coming over. That means I can sit here in my bathrobe for a while with a cup of coffee and my cigarettes and take my time writing this. That's nice if I'm not inspired by my muse and I have to think about what to write next. 

Tyke was taken to the dog trim salon yesterday by the Exfactor and came back half the dog he was. His circumference had been decidedly diminished. He didn't, however, look like a puppy. He looked like the adult dog he is, with a fully grown body and a strongly built head and face. I did have to sit and stare at him in this incarnation quite a bit. He looked so tough, as if he was a different dog and some of his cuteness was gone. We did a lot of bonding, because I felt that I had to re-establish my ties with him. 

Of course, he's the same sweet thing he always was, he just looks different. We played with the ball and I gave him many belly rubs and scratched his ears and tugged his rawhide bone. He slept on the bed with me as usual and I think since he has such short hair now, he wanted to stay especially warm so close to me.

Yesterday, I also told my personal helper that I had less need for personal help now and that I wanted to reduce the care from 4 hours a week to one hour a week. She was quite taken aback and flustered. I don't think she knew how to deal with it, because I was so sure of myself and so assertive. The normal procedure is that they decide when you need less care and this is done after careful discussion in an internal group headed by a psychologist. 

I had already gotten the distinct impression that the 4 hours a week care would go on indefinitely and that there would be no re-evaluation. It surprised me that they didn't wonder as to what to do with me anymore when it became so clear that our time together was empty and useless. We might have as well played a game of cards. We were desperately trying to fill up the time. I was saving up chores to do for while they were here, but then being told that this wasn't necessary if I could do them myself. I felt that I had to keep them entertained while they were here. 

Well, I'm down to figuring things out for myself now. I feel perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Reducing my medication has made me much more stable and aware of things. I no longer feel lethargic and dull witted.

I'm looking forward to today. It will be a cold but partially sunny day. It will be nice weather to walk Tyke in. I hope he won't be too cold in his short coat. I do have the luxury of wearing my warm winter coat and gloves. 

I hope you all have a nice day.



Bev said...

Scamp is quite funny when he has his fur timmed. He is left with a thin tail instead of a fluffy one and keeps looking round at it as though he doesn't recognise it!

Twain12 said...

sounds like things are going well and i don't blame you for reducing the helper time if it turns into a chore.

Nora said...

That is funny, Bev. I can just see Scamp do that with a puzzled look on his face.


Reggie said...

It seems that you and Tyke both have made progress...and progress for the better is always good.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh boy I'm losing several comments, don't know what's wrong. TEST

Wisewebwoman said...

i said it must be a really good feeling to be more in charge of your life now and make decisions....

Casdok said...

Lovely to read that you are feeling so much better.
Enjoy your day 8)