Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's late at night, but I assume I will go to bed eventually. It's past midnight, so officially the day has ended and I'm in a new day. It is Wednesday now and Tuesday is yesterday. That's to avoid confusion when I talk about yesterday. 

Yesterday I saw my SPN and talked about my growing dislike to see my personal helpers anymore. I explained how with the decrease of my medicines, my own sense of self destination and independence had returned and that I felt much more capable and emancipated and in charge of my own life and much less dependent on the help and interference of other people. 

My SPN thought that made perfect sense and that I sounded very reasonable, but she didn't want me to discontinue the services of my personal helpers in case I was in need of them somewhere down the road. She did say that maybe it was time to cut back the amount of visits to once a week or once every two weeks. I think for scheduling purposes I will have to go to once a week. 

I will discuss this with my Wednesday personal helper this morning and tell her that I would like only the one to come on Mondays to get the week started. I don't know how she will take this, but it must be done. We're wasting each other's time. There's no sense in her coming here on Wednesdays. I will be most diplomatic about it and get it across it in the most positive way. There's no need to hurt anyone's feelings. Having decided that, I feel a lot better. 

It rained almost all day yesterday and I walked to my SPN under my umbrella. I decided to walk instead of riding my bike, as I thought that might be easier on my knee. I also didn't want to get soaking wet and the Exfactor also needed my bike to do the groceries while I was gone. He arrived here just before I left and we had coffee together while I made the grocery list.

I took Tyke for walks in the rain and his fur turned curly as if he'd had a perm. He is lucky that way. My hair just gets straighter when it gets wet.

I think it's time for me to go to bed. I'm tired now and long to go to sleep. It will be ever so cozy in my bed. 

Have a good night, you all. 



Jenner said...

I love how my dogs looks when they get wet- it's usually so completley different than I typically see them that I have to laugh.

p.s. Hello! I am new here.

Lane said...

I'm glad you talked it over with your SPN and came to a decision and I'm sure your personal helper will understand.

I hope the morning goes well for you Nora.

ps, I haven't been able to comment much recently but I always read you.

Gail said...


Bev said...

LOL Tyke and his new hair-do.

It seems like you have reached a good compromise as regards the personal helpers.

Maggie May said...

Had to laugh at the description of Tyke's curly tail.
Since chemo, my very straight, fine hair has gone wavy. Now I can go out in the rain and I don't have to do anything with it.
Hope you get a good night's sleep and that tomorrow will be a good day for you. Haven't you noticed the nights are getting lighter?
Maggie X

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