Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's 2011...

I realized that this time Christmas and New Year's Eve weren't as bad as last year, because they were the second time since my divorce that I lived through them on my own. The first time was much harder. I was very consciously aware that I was on my own and I felt sorry for myself. I had no such problem this time and made it through just fine. I felt very independent and sure of myself and like the solitude was a choice and not something that was forced on me. I was comfortable with my own company and I didn't feel lonely. 

Last night, at the stroke of midnight, I cuddled and kissed Tyke and wished myself a Happy New Year. I couldn't cuddle and kiss Gandhi, because she was hiding from the noise of the fireworks. She didn't show up until an hour later. I petted her then and she followed me to the bedroom where I could finally get into bed along with Tyke very cozily. I was asleep soon after that. It does wear you out to listen to a barrage of fireworks for nearly one hour. 

Tyke did well. He was a little bit scared, but stayed close to me and I petted him the whole time and soothed his sometimes trembling body. He didn't bark or whine and I thought he was very brave. 

I'm very much aware that this is a new year and I do have certain expectations of it. I have not really made any resolutions. I still have the ones I made along the line last year and I'll continue on with those. They are very simple ones. Just some things I have determined to do for myself. Eat healthy, live frugally, be social and look at the bright side of things. Learn lessons from everything that happens. Nothing happens by chance. 

It's late in the morning now and I have been sitting here for a while drinking coffee as if I have a hangover. I drank milk at midnight. No alcohol for me. I would have enjoyed a cold white beer, but I didn't have any in the refrigerator. I survived without it too. It isn't necessary to celebrate every significant event with booze. It's a myth that it puts us in a better mood. Alcohol is a depressant, so who needs that? 

I'm going to see my sister and her friend this afternoon. She will come and get me so I won't have to ride my bike through the sludge that is the thawing snow and ice. That's a relief. I must eat something before I go. To celebrate the new year, I will eat something festive from my care package. The best thing I've been eating from it was the aged cheese. I have a piece of that every day and it's quite good. I'm down to the last piece now and I will have that tonight, providing I have room in my stomach. It depends on what else I've eaten. 

I must get dressed in something festive too. I must enter the new year correctly with the right amount of color. It won't do to look drab. 

Tyke and I will take a walk through what's left of the snow. There's actually quite a bit of it still. It isn't thawing fast enough for me and on Sunday night it is supposed to start freezing again. I hope they got that prediction wrong, because the street isn't nearly clean yet. It will be nice to be out in the fresh air and not break my neck in my new boots. They have proved to be very steady.

Hava Happy New Year all of you! May it be the best year ever. 



Maggie May said...

Happy New year.
The fireworks were a nuisance. The rabbis were scared, especially Ash. Within half an hour it was all peaceful again.
Glad things are getting easier again for you.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Twain12 said...

most years i sleep through new years, last night i went out with my d/h for a little but no booze here either. We are having a gorgeous day today. Hope everybody stayed save last night .
Happy New Year to you and the fur babies ♥♥♥

Bev said...

Glad you didn't feel lonely this year. You've got your two loyal companions all the time and you seem to be getting out a lot, having vistors and a good relationship with the ExFactor. It's great that you enjoy your own company too.

May 2011 be a good year for you!

Reggie said...

Happy New Year Nora...May it be as enjoyable as your reads.

Nora said...

Hi Bev. Yes, I do have my two loyal companions to keep me company at all times. They never let me down. I do seem to have enough of a social life to prevent me from getting lonely. At least, I don't feel that way mostly. Thank goodness for the Exfactor too. He;s a great help.

Hva e Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true.


Bernie said...

So glad you enjoyed Christmas and New Years Nora, and I hope this year will be a good one filled with all good wishes....I love the beginning of a new year, brings so much hope to everyone......:-)Hugs