Monday, February 28, 2011


I've been grumpy since yesterday and I haven't been able to get over it yet, but then at one point I really stopped trying. I decided to accept that I was grumpy after I had unsuccessfully tried to change my mood. I came to the realization that grumpiness is a natural state of mind too and that I didn't necessarily need to get over it. It wasn't really bothering me all that much. It was going to bother other people more than me and I decided not to worry about that. I didn't need to be in a good mood for somebody else, after all. 

Today I've patiently endured the company of the people who were here and I was as polite as I could be, but I was glad when the last one pulled the front door closed behind her and I could be alone. I'd rather sit here and be grumpy by myself than in the company of someone else. When other people are around you have to act friendly and polite, which you are not at all in the mood for being. I only feel like being kind to the dog and the cat and I guess for now that makes me a misanthrope. 

I have no idea when I'm going to get over this grumpiness. Since I've decided not to let it bother me, I'm not going to hold my breath. It will disappear whenever it's ready to. Whenever what's bothering me has cleared up. It's not so bad to go through life grumpy. It gives you a whole new perspective on things. It makes you more cynical and honest and those are not bad things to be nowadays. It's better than walking around with that eternally cheerful outlook like some kind of Pollyanna. 

I think a sense of guilt motivates us to want to try and get into a better mood, but I don't feel guilty. I don't feel that I owe somebody a better mood. Luckily, I don't have to share my space with anyone, so I'm off the hook. It would be harder if I lived with someone and had to explain my attitude. I would have to be rude to the person I lived with. Now I can be kind to the dog and the cat and not worry about anyone else. 

I must watch the news and find out what's happening in Libya. It will make me grumpier probably. And the Oscars, oh god, the Oscars... 



Bev said...

I think you are right Irene. There is the old saying 'everyone has their ups and downs'.

You are lucky you enjoy your own company x

aims said...

Well! Hello Grumpy!

Long long time - isn't it?! I've missed you and was so glad we got that chance to chat while I was away. That was so neat! Did you by chance ask your daughter about getting a magic jack?

I don't think I've ever mentioned that The Man loves to sleep. Sometimes you two are much alike and it makes me smile anyway.

I refuse to wake him early even if he asks because if I do he gets up grumpy. Then I have to deal with being the bad guy who woke him!

While we were on holidays - especially when we were both ill - it was quite easy to be grumpy about everything! This is not a natural state for me. In fact I am nearly always the opposite. Smiling and happy. If I am not then I am usually 'down' instead of grumpy. I get too worn out being grumpy.

Back to our holidays.

When the grumpiness took over I thought about everything and how fortunate we were to be alive - to be in New Orleans - and how lucky we were to be able to open our eyes and see the world surrounding us.

BTW - In NO WAY am I trying to make you feel guilty or to change your grumpy mood. You go for it girl and work it! You are entitled to do so!

I've said it many times to you my friend - we are fortunate to have come through our hell and come out the other side - smarter - I think nicer people - and certainly stronger. Super stronger!

K - instead of blathering on - I'll leave you to be grumpy.

But! I just want you to know that I've missed you and I'm sending love - lots of it!
me from the frozen landscape of Alberta! -23C with the wind chill -34C

aims said...

I'm back again - having thought about grumpiness while having my morning shower.

I understand where you are coming from my friend. Sometimes - some-times - I just want people to leave me alone so I can listen to the inner me - do what the inner me wants to do FOR me - not for everyone else. No smiling - no nada.

I guess it's a form of grumpiness this need to be self-enclosed and shut-off from the world. That or it's our way of refueling and in our own way being good to our inner-selves.

Perhaps we need to come up with a new word to define it that encompasses all of that.

Wisewebwoman said...

Feelings just are, my good friend. We embrace them, they are all part of the human species. Grumpy lives within me too and sometimes she wakes up and so what, you and I would get along very well today as I am sick with this bug that keeps me very attached to the Great White God and I am cranky and irritable and kept within with the day outside the most breathtaking since the fall. Crystal clear and I am in prison.

You are perfect just as you are.


Twain12 said...

i just want to be left alone too when i'm grumpy, just embrace it .

Bernie said...

I too get grumpy Nora, this morning when I woke up to more snow and bitterly cold outside I was grumpy. I am so done with winter. My car is covered in snow and it is too cold to go clean it off. My friend Pat is picking me up tonight to go to Weight Watchers - ate all day Saturday so I am a bit worried about getting on the scales. Anyway my cordless phones have all gone dead, need new batteries so every time the phone rings I have to leave what I am doing and answer the one in the place to sit and talk and yes just a grumpy day. And that's okay no one can be like Pollyanna every day any way. Sending you big hugs....:-)

Nora said...

Bec, I'm not even saying that grumpiness is a down. It just is a different mood, but not necessarily bad.


Gail said...

I hope you didn't catch that from me!