Saturday, February 19, 2011

Postponing sleep...

I ought to be asleep by now and I laid in bed for a while, but I could not get to sleep. I was too restless and decided to get up again. It's better to sit here than to toss and turn in bed, listening to endless commentaries on football games that I'm not interested in. A little bit of that goes a long way and sometimes I just don't care enough. I do have my football intake limit.

I made some coffee to get over the grogginess and I'm having my second cup. This will not prevent me from falling asleep later on when I'm ready to go back to bed. It will merely prevent me from being grumpy as I sit here. It will re-establish my equilibrium. I'm somewhat thrown off course by being up. Normally I sleep a few hours before I get up. Now I have to do it cold turkey. It's like getting thrown into the deep end before you have your diploma. 

I will be alright in the shortest amount of time. I just have to find my rhythm and my chutzpah. I always have them close at hand. It's like playing the blues, you have to be ready to do it any time of the day or night. It just needs a little warm up. I'm not going to play the blues though, or anything like it. I'm not in that kind of mood. I'd have to feel melancholy for that and that's one thing I'm not. I'm too positively inclined. 

I'm always seeing the glass half full, even if it's darn near empty. Somehow it gets filled again. Call it karma or good luck, but something always works out. I've stopped being scared that it doesn't, although I do give it some thought and don't live carelessly. On the contrary, I live very carefully, always with one eye on tomorrow. It would be reckless to say that I live with abandon, because I don't. I lead a carefully orchestrated life and everything is done with a purpose. So is everything I don't do. That's to prevent me from making mistakes. 

I've switched to drinking cold milk and I'm still sufficiently sleepy. I ought to be able to go back to bed in a while. At least I don't feel restless anymore. Besides, it's the weekend and I can sleep late and take naps during the day tomorrow if I wish to. I usually have one screwed up night during the weekend, so I suppose that this is the one. It would have been better if I'd had a true purpose to get up on time in the morning. Then I would have tried to go to sleep harder.

Sleep tight!



Gail said...

Plan an adventure! You and Tyke could go exploring.

Sweet dreams.

Bernie said...

Hope you finally drifted off to sleep, the nights can be so long when you can't sleep but you don't seem to mind......:-)Hugs

Bev said...

Enjoy your weekend Irene.