Thursday, March 3, 2011

On a Thursday morning...

I had a heck of a time yesterday because I was rapid cycling. This came after I had been in a not so great mood for a couple of days and that should have been a warning sign that something was up. I had to take an extra anti-psychotic tablet in the afternoon when things really started going badly, but soon after that they improved and I was able to have a better night. 

It is possible that I will have to stay on an increased dose for a while. I seem to be in an unstable period and the dose I am on is not protecting me well enough. I will have to discuss this with my psychiatrist and find out what he thinks about this. It is good that I have the leeway to take an extra tablet if I need it. It really helps. It is better if I have the approval of my psychiatrist. 

Since yesterday was such a crazy day, I can't say much that's sensible about it. I can look back on it now and see that I should have done something about the situation much sooner and that I let things get out of hand. Very often you are not the best judge of your own situation until it's almost too late. Still, you are the only one who knows what's going on inside your own head and you do have to make the decisions. 

I'm planning on having a very quiet day today. I don't want much of anything to happen. I hope the day passes without any events in it. I will walk Tyke and do some chores, but not do anything that is upsetting to my equilibrium. It's nice to be under the impression that you can actually plan a day like that, but I'm going to try my hardest. There's no need to go looking for challenges. I can avoid those as much as possible. 

I wish I had something totally different to write about. I think this is a very uninteresting subject. I can't wait to start the next blog post. 

Have a good day!


Connie Rose said...

Hope Thursday IS a better day for you! xox

young-eclectic-encounters said...

We all have bad days and your blog is so honest and it wouldn't be without posts like this one. It's alright to hurt and let others know. Hope you get your meds straightened out and start to feel better.

Bernie said...

Thinking of you and wishing you a quiet and peaceful day tomorrow.
Here it is -34 and snowed again most of the day, very depressing. I hope you can enjoy walking Tyke in the sunshine.....:-)Hugs

Bev said...

Glad you are on top of the situation and know what to do x

Gail said...

Today is going to be the best day!

aims said...

Okay - I'm going to put 'grumpiness' in the list of things for you to watch out for - you know - the things you can't see but perhaps I/we can. I'll notify you if you seem to be out of the ordinary.

This comes back to what your SPN said doesn't it? That she thought your sleep schedule would send you that way? Hmmm - I know how much you enjoy the nights. Perhaps there's a happy medium somewhere.