Monday, December 6, 2010

The frozen world...

I'm having a jolly good time here by myself early in the morning with my cup of coffee and my cigarettes. It's too early for the day to start and do anything seriously active and I can enjoy these quiet hours for a while to come yet. The whole world is silent and as far as I'm concerned, I'm the only person awake on the block. There is no sign of life anywhere yet. 

As a result I feel in a very good mood, because I like feeling that I have the world all to myself. It is like being Robinson Crusoe and finding yourself alone on an island with no one else to worry about but yourself. Maybe I have a secret longing for that. No, I would get awfully lonely after awhile. I do need some human contact. Having animals alone for company is not enough. You can only have a one sided conversation with them. 

Tyke would like to believe differently and think we are having a dialogue, but I very often don't quite understand what he wants and have to guess as to his needs that he demands of me. I have to guess until I get it right. It would be easier if he could be clearer from the start. He wags his tail and gets excited if I guess it right. Otherwise he just looks quite dumbfounded at me.

I suppose I am also in a good mood because the weekend is over, although I spent it quite nicely and didn't go crazy. I nursed my little illness and stayed inside because the weather was so bad. It was nice pretending I was very sick because it meant that I was super kind to myself and only did things that I felt like doing. Which in the end was very little like it is most weekends, except that now I didn't feel guilty about it. I guess I can only have a guilt free time off if I think I'm sick. I'll have to be sick more often.

Today I pick up the regular routine. The personal helper is coming and so is the domestic help, but I already started to get back into the swing of things yesterday evening by putting out the trash and getting the mail from the last few days out of the mailbox. And, of course, cleaning up the god awful mess that Tyke had made in the bedroom when he tore apart the old books, the remains of which are now disposed of.  I have to finish clearing the bookcase of all tempting objects today. At least to a height that Tyke can get to. He is a badly behaved dog sometimes.

It will be good to get back into a regular routine, but I don't look back onto this weekend as a wasted one. It was quite cozy and after a false start Friday night, I did re-establish my regular schedule. Up to a point anyway and I did get enough sleep, which always seems to be so very important, but I suppose it is to anyone. I wish for longer nights, but I'm bound to have short ones. It seems getting up is more important than staying in bed to me. It is the call of the silent hours. 

I have to think of a fun outfit to wear today. I'll have to pull open my closet and have a serious look at everything. I'll have to wear layers, because it's a bit cold outside, but here in the apartment it's nice and warm. I don't have to worry about being cold inside. Going into my closet is always a journey of discovery, because I always forget about the clothes I own. Every time I find something that I'd forgotten about and it will be the same thing today. That's the plus side of being absentminded. 

The trash people will be by soon, unless they get held up by the slippery roads. All the slush that was in the streets yesterday got frozen during the night. The paper delivery person will be here any minute. It will officially be the start of the morning. I will have some time to dawdle yet. I don't need to rush. I will take my medicines and wait for them to work. I've had several glasses of cold milk and will make a new pot of coffee and read blogs. The day is young yet. 

Have a great Monday!



Lane said...

I can just imagine Tyke's little face when you guess what he wants correctly. Teabag just starts running manically round the house with excitement - although she sometimes does that anyway for the hell of it.

Glad you had a nice cosseted weekend and have a good day Nora. It's a cold, icy foggy one here.

Wisewebwoman said...

Hi Nora:
glad you had a gentle weekend with yourself.
As to Tyke I know what you mean, Ansa has this funny humanoid voice she uses.
I often think she is a far more clever being than I am.

aims said...

Hey sweetie. Well done for getting through your weekend on a stable ground.

I've been thinking about what you asked me about a long time ago.

What I remember is the different and amazing kaleidoscopes you showed us each and every day.

I also remember when you went to 'class' and learned some incredible techniques that kept you busy and focused. I can't remember why you don't go any more but here's me wishing you did.

Not only did it occupy your mind to a degree where you managed incredibly well - but we also got to see some unbelievably great art. Your passions came out in that artwork. Your underlying ids and egos as well. The YOU.

I loved what you made my friend. I waited sometimes impatiently for you to show us with your new camera.

Then I loved to see what and where you put those things in your apartment.

It was good from my point of view and I even enjoyed your little glimpses into the others that were there. I know some of them caused problems for you but you could be very funny with your secretive descriptions and swearing us not to tell a soul. I never did!

However - the name totally escapes me dear friend.Totally. Bah!