Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday morning....

It's early in the morning and outside it is snowing, covering the treacherous ice that is on the streets and the sidewalks. The street looked like an ice skating rink earlier and it was nearly impossible to cross it. When I walked Tyke last, I felt like I was taking my life in my own hands. Maybe this new snow will solve the problem, I certainly hope so. There just has to be enough of it to really form a thick layer to cover the ice well.

Because I didn't have the proper boots to wear and only had the kinds with slick soles, I ordered a new pair with profiled rubber soles on line yesterday. I thought I would have to get hiking boots, but I actually found a pair of attractive boots that are fashionable and functional. They are from Scapino, which is a funky brand of shoes and boots. I'm unable to post the image of them to show you, but hopefully they will do the job and carry me across the streets and down the sidewalks safely.

The reason I'm up so very early, is that I went to bed very early. I was tired and couldn't stand to stay up and longed to go to sleep. It would have been nice if I had slept late, but I have no such luck. I wake up after I've slept the requisite hours. I had taken a nap yesterday afternoon on the sofa, so that took care of some of my sleep requirements. 

I do actually always get enough sleep one way or the other. Sooner or later I catch up on whatever I'm lacking. It was nice to sleep on the sofa. I had an extra thick cardigan on over my regular clothes and I laid under the red fleece blanket. I really should crochet a blanket to lie under for on the sofa. Maybe that is something that I can do in the near future. It would be a fun job.

My personal helper is supposed to be here today, but only if she manages to make it from her home in the hills to the town. She did have some concerns about driving under these kinds of weather conditions. She actually has a phobia about driving on snow and ice and who wouldn't when there are hills? I told her that if she was worried about making it to my apartment, she didn't have to come, so we will see. 

I do somehow have to make it to the tobacco shop and I have to take some mail to the mailbox at the same time. I'll walk Tyke also while I'm at it. I think I'm going to have to wear last years hiking boots and risk getting a sore toe, because I'm too worried about slipping and falling down. It will just be for today. I ought to take that chance. I should get my new boots this evening, so tomorrow I'll be able to wear them. 

I have to take a shower shortly and find some interesting clothes to wear. Fashionable, but warm. Try and pull that one off. It's a challenge, but I'm sure I'm up to it. Already the little gears in my head are spinning. 

Have a good morning!



Gail said...

Do be careful!

Maureen said...

Yes, be careful on that slippery ice!

I much prefer a layer of snow to grip on... does your city spread gravel or salt? We use gravel as it doesn't rust out our cars (like they do in Eastern Canada). Gravel works like a charm, then they clean it all up when the snow melts in Spring.

Hope your new boots are fab!

aims said...

From long experience of snow and ice - the snow over the ice only makes it worse. You can't see if you might slip or not and down you go. You don't want to be breaking anything these days sweetie.

Just finished my second cup of coffee so I better shower and get to work. Have a lot to do in one weeks time.


Wisewebwoman said...

Can you get those grippers at all that slide on over your boots? they are the best, I don't know where you get them as I was gifted with them so I could walk even on 2 feet of snow with ice over it.
meanwhile do be careful out there!!!