Friday, December 31, 2010

Ain't singing the blues now...

It's too early in the morning to sing the blues. Besides, who sings the blues in the morning? Nobody in their right mind would, would they? The morning is still full of promise of things to come. The day is unfathomable and can't be measured until the end of it.  The possibilities are endless, at least, so I tell myself. But then I'm an optimist and I very much do see the glass half full. Except when it's full of ice cold milk and I've been drinking it, but in that case it's quickly filled again. 

Yesterday morning I was at first grumpy when I got up out of bed and thought the day would be endless and boring, but a cup of coffee helped get me over my initial dislike of the day and the day itself got me over my wariness of it. There were enough diversions to make it a worthwhile day and one that was enjoyable, although nothing very special happened at all. It was just ordinary life taking place, but that was good enough. Ordinary life can be very satisfying if you stop and appreciate the little things and are grateful for them. 

Like walking through the snow that is slowly melting, but that is still deep to the point that I sink into it and that makes Tyke have an awful lot of fun. He's hard to move from one place to the next, because apparently many interesting things hide under the snow and he has to investigate them all and finally pee on them. That outing is a whole adventure by itself. 

It's made better now by the new boots I ordered with a much better profile in the soles and that arrived yesterday. I tried them on immediately and much to my relief they fit. I ordered them one size smaller, because on the website it had said that they were a bit large for their size. When I wore them in the snow and on the ice, I was a lot steadier and didn't slip once. I'm still a bit scared, but I'm sure I'll gain confidence with experience. I'm so used to almost falling over, that I can't believe that now I'm not.

I got a huge pile of mail from the mailbox, but when I sat down and looked through everything, most of it turned out to be unimportant, regardless of the seriousness of the sender. It all looked very official, but turned out to be so many storms in glasses of water and I soon had it reduced to a pile of recyclable paper. There was not one bill in there and that certainly made me feel good. There were a couple of Christmas cards which made me feel even better. I considered all of that a piece of good luck.

I slowly got chores done, although I have some left to do today. I have very clean laundry to hang up and another load to wash. I must do the dishes, but first I have to find some interesting clothes to wear. I hope something magically appears from the closet. If not, I'll have to go in search of it. This will not be a problem, as I'm bound to find something I like. The only thing to worry about is to dress warm enough. 

The Exfactor is supposed to be here today and I will send him to the tobacco shop, although I still have a bit of a supply. It's better to be safe and have extra over the holidays. It's New Year's Eve and tomorrow the stores will be closed. Tonight at midnight the whole town will set off fireworks and there will be no going to sleep until 1 am. That's how long it takes for the whole spectacle to end. It would be impossible to sleep through the noise, much as I'd like to.

I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best wishes for 2011. 



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, Nora! Hope 2011 brings you happiness and peace - even if the fireworks keep you awake as the new year begins! xo

Lane said...

Happy New Year to you too Nora.

I'm wishing you a peaceful, happy and healthy one. xx

Twain12 said...

Happy New Year to you fireworks around here thank goodness, but i remember them from Germany

Gail said...

Happy New Year...I shall be in bed long before it arrives.

Maggie May said...

Happy New Year and may it also be healthy!
Not sure if I will stay up to see it in!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Bev said...

Happy New Year Irene!

Glad you got your new boots. All the snow round us has melted so it must be a bit colder where you are.

We will stay up for the fireworks. They always make such a great spectacle. No drinking for me, though, I am staying on the Schloer!

Nora said...

Hi Bev, Happy New Year to you. You are sensible not drinking. I will do the same. It is better to go into the new year clearheaded. I'd hate to wake up with a hangover. Enjoy the fireworks. There's no getting away from them...

Wisewebwoman said...

Mine will be quiet too Nora, by choice, I am looking forward to my book and my bed.
Up at the crack tomorrow, though town will be quiet, I want to see the Black Swan at the movies.
What did you mean by Freudian Slip on my blog?
the best of the New year to you may there be more magic in your days!