Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't tell me it's Monday already!

Yes, you can get used to the lazy days of the weekend it seems. Even I, who usually dislikes the weekends, can get used to them. It's nice to hardly have a care in the world, like I did yesterday when I pretended I was snowed in. I had gotten up early and written a post for another blog and gone back to bed. When I got up, it started snowing and it snowed all afternoon, adding a fresh layer to the snow that was already there. I dare not guess how much snow there is now, but it's a lot by our standards.

I must say that I kind of like it. I like the snow, but I don't like the ice that's underneath it, that's the drawback. The snow is lovely and for all I care it keeps snowing, but then I really don't have to be anywhere far away from here. The furthest I have to go this week is the office of my SPN and I can walk there. My poor sister has to fly home from Milan and I hope she will make it, because the weather is bad everywhere in Europe and where will she land? 

If you're not  on the road, the snow is nice. It makes you feel that the world has gotten a lot smaller and it has in reality, because your radius of action becomes more restricted. You really do stick close to home. I did anyway, but I feel that I have a legitimate reason now. Nobody expects me to go anywhere far away and far away could be as close as downtown. I'm happy in my little world. I would have made a good villager if I had lived a long time ago. 

It's early in the morning and I'm having my coffee, but I've just about had enough of it. I'm very thirsty and I need to drink something very cool and refreshing. All the juice is gone, so I'm thinking of a glass of lemonade. The Exfactor is going to be here tomorrow to do the groceries. He already sent me an email to tell me that he would be here. He isn't bothered by the weather, but it looks like it isn't going to snow anymore. As a matter of fact, there is rain in the forecast. That's a bummer. The temperatures are going to rise and the snow and ice will melt. Oh well, clean streets are nice too. We had those for a little while before. At least the ice will be gone. 

I'm expecting my personal helper and the domestic help today, so I must do some chores. I never did get around to those yesterday. I had a completely lazy day and didn't do a thing. I truly did have a day of rest. I have lots of time to putter around this morning. The first thing I will do is take a shower and get dressed in a brand new outfit. I will have to look through my closet and see what's there. I'm sure I'll find something of interest that's warm enough. It has to be something at least mildly exciting. Something that I will be happy to wear. 

I'm going to be reading a new book by a blogging friend of mine. Her name is Laurie Hertzel and the name of the book is: News To Me, Adventures of an Accidental Journalist.  It's a book I've been looking forward to reading and I just received it in the mail this weekend. Knowing Laurie's way of writing, I'm sure I'll enjoy it very much. I'm not a literature critic, but I'll let you know what I think of it when I'm done with it. I can only read it during the day. It is too dangerous to take to bed with me at night, because Tyke will get a hold of it and destroy it. I sure as heck don't want that to happen, although Laurie suggested that maybe he could nibble around the edges for Toby's sake. Toby was her first dog and is pictured on the back cover. 

Okay, I'm getting the show on the road. I'm off to pick out an outfit. 

Have a nice day, everyone!



Bernie said...

Happy Monday to you as well Nora, I am not sure if it was here or another blog but I remember reading about your friend and this book. I am looking forward to hearing your review.
It has been lightly snowing for days now, I feel like I am living inside a snow glob, it is really beautiful.
I have a very busy week this week but that is okay, it will all slow down after Christmas. What are your plans, will you have Christmas with your sister?
Have a great day my friend....Hugs

Anonymous said...

Long lie ins on snowy days like these are a must! we've had more than our fair share these last few weeks and are sick of it. It wouldn't be so bad if the country didn't grind to a halt every time it snowed. We just aren't prepared enough and that's the bottom line.

CJ xx

Lane said...

I'll be glad when the temperatures rise. This weather makes everything far too difficult.

I'm sure you'll love Laurie's book. You're in for a real treat.

Have a good evening Nora.

Maggie May said...

We have had snow fall all day.... on top of ice. It is very severe by our standards, especially the part of Britain I live in.
I am sick of it now. It makes life too hard for those who have to travel.
England cannot cope in this weather and it is ruining everyones' Christmas arrangements.
Hope you have a good Tuesday tomorrow.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

I'm in my house by the warm fire with a gale blowing fiercely outside. A friend just left after lunch.
I feel so safe and warm - as do you from the sounds of it.

David L Macaulay said...

this is a nice, arty looking blog to stumble on. I am sick of the cold already, tho.