Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On a cold Tuesday morning...

According to my weather bar, it is supposed to be snowing right now, but it looks like we haven't had any snow since last night. I think it must get it's information from the airport which is several kilometers away from town, because it very often shows different weather than what we have here. It lies on a higher plateau, so that may make the difference. 

The world is white and lighter and brighter, and so far the snow is pretty. We don't have any treacherous ice yet. I'll have to go out in it in a while to walk Tyke and test the conditions. I'll wear my sturdy cowboy boots, those are the best ones I've got at the moment. I wore my ankle boots yesterday, but snow got in them and my socks got wet. The snow falls on Tyke's outer fur and he easily shakes it off and doesn't really get wet. He's well insulated. 

I've slept well. I went to bed at 11 o'clock and woke up at 6:30 this morning. That's not a heck of a long sleep, but it's enough for me. I feel I've done well if I've slept that many hours. It did take one cup of coffee to wake me up properly and another one to get me started well. I think I could have stayed in bed a while longer, but I was too eager to get up.

As it is I'm dawdling now and the morning is moving along steadily. The parents have already come by and taken their children to school. The kids were making snowballs as they went along. Tyke's looked at them full of curiosity and he's now sitting in front of the window looking at the white world. No doubt he wants to go out in it. It has started snowing lightly.

I wonder if the Exfactor will be able to get through it on his motorcycle. I assume the major thoroughfares are clear. I don't want him to break his neck just to get here, but he always managed it last winter. I think he sees it as a challenge. I do need groceries and my bike does need to get fixed. Unfortunately, he was not able to get that done when he was here yesterday. All for the lack of the proper tools.

I do an awful lot of daydreaming when I write a post. I spend more time daydreaming than I do writing. Whatever subject I write about,  causes a long string of thoughts to unravel in my mind and before you know it, I'm someplace far, far away. It's amazing the amount of stuff I deal with when I do that. It must have some purpose. I assume these things need to be thought about and that they are subjects that I normally would not get around to putting much thought to.

I look outside and see that, for the sake of fashion, some people are hopelessly under dressed for this weather. They wear everything just a bit too tight and too short and too open. You know they must be cold.

I'm going to get dressed myself and walk the dog. We'll get dusted by the snow and it will be nice.

Have a nice day!



Maureen said...

Ah, we have gotten a few huge dumps of snow so far this year; just two weeks ago it hadn't snowed at all yet. Now we have piles of the stuff many feet high in places.

As long as there is no ice underneather, I love it too. Especially when it sparkles off the Christmas lights on our trees.... so beautiful!

Keep warm and have a great day!

Wisewebwoman said...

A storm just started here suddenly and horizontally and the sea has white caps to match and my poor little frozen birds are lined up at the feeder to take their turns, how can they stand the cold?
Now they are getting impatient and fighting and I wait for a bigger bird to come and chase them all away.
the world is so pretty when one is indoors.

Frances said...

we have the same problem with weather forecasts here. The nearest weather station is at a base inland from us and the weather is usually chillier there.

Nora said...

WWW, is the storm bringing in the winter for you finally? Are you getting cold? I hope you are battened down well and that your cupboards are stored well.Those little birds better learn to get along and gang up on the bigger ones.


Nora said...

Frances, why do they always pick military bases and airports for these weather stations? They hold no reflection of real life.