Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And all the kings's men...

It's, as usual, in the middle of the night again, or to put it optimistically, very early in the morning. Let's just say it is the latter, that sounds a lot better. It doesn't sound so desperately lonely and desolate as in the middle of the night, though that doesn't bother me at all. Well, I say that, but that may not be the complete truth. Maybe I do feel just a bit lonely and desolate in the middle of the night after all.

So, let's just say it is early in the morning. The time you would get up to catch an early intercontinental flight leaving from Amsterdam. That's a few hours drive from here, so you have to calculate that into your travel time. You drink lots of coffee to get your head on straight an to wake up properly, like I am doing right now. I'm only working on my first cup, though, having downed some glasses of milk first. 

The coffee tastes good as usual, I made it strong. I need for it to be strong because I'm yawning. I'm not quite awake yet, though I could have sworn that I was when I got up. I was fooled by Mother Nature. She led me to believe I was bright eyed and bushy tailed when in fact I was not. That was just a first impression. It's too late to go back to bed now, because I am in my waking up mode and not at all in the mood to go back to bed. It's not calling my name at the moment. It may in a while from now. 

I'm so tired still, that the feeling of free floating anxiety hasn't even attached itself to me yet as it has for the last couple of days. So this is the solution to it then. Make sure you're tired and nothing can hurt you. I think I had already figured that one out and that's why I was sleeping so much. Sleep is a defense mechanism too. It prevents overload. 

I just dislocated my jaw on both sides, but by staying calm, I managed to get it back in. I was yawning, that's how it happened. It's painful now, but everything is back in place. I'll have to be careful from this point forward, because this has happened in the past when I couldn't get it back in place. It was a little bit scary. 

Well, that certainly woke me up. The sheer shock of it. I've taken a paracetamol with codeine for the pain. I better yawn very carefully now. 

I think I had better go back to bed now before I start yawning anymore. It's probably time to go back to sleep. I'll take my medicines and set the alarm clock for late this morning. 
Have a good morning.



Wisewebwoman said...

Free floating anxiety is not a stranger to me. She presents herself not as much as before but enough to make me glad of the days she's not around.
I hope your sleep went well and that you are rested and that she is leaving you alone and that your jaw is no longer achy.

aims said...

You are doing the things you know that work against the anxiety and that is great!

Dislocating your jaw is not. How wide DID you open your mouth for that yawn anyway?? :0)