Thursday, November 25, 2010

Drinking coffee early in the morning...

I got up early, though I had not gone to sleep until 10 pm, and doubtlessly that means I will have to take a nap later today. I may try to stay up and save any tiredness that I feel for the nighttime and try and sleep really well then. I'll have to wait and see how well I do today. 

Someone mentioned, on an other blog, that your need for sleep changes as you get older and that you need less of it at night. It would be nice if I could blame my short nights on that. I remember my parents always needing a nap in the afternoon as they got older. Maybe that applies to me. Maybe I am an older person now, though I would hate to think of myself that way. 

Maybe it is all a very personal matter and it depends on your individual internal clock and how it is set. Mine seems to be set for shorter nights, with an occasional exception, and naps in the afternoon. I'm sure there is no good or bad or right or wrong, but just a system that works well for each person. You have to accept what works for you and live with that, as long as you get enough sleep in the end and you don't do all of it during the day, like I was doing for a while because of the tranquilizers. 

I had a very satisfying session with my SPN yesterday morning in which I closed the chapter of my first marriage, because I think I'm done with it.  I've gained a lot of understanding about it and about my own role in it.  I can look back and see how events unfolded and why things happened the way they did and why it ended the way it did. I've been relieved of a huge burden that I carried with me for a lot of years and that really weighed me down. 

I'll be moving on to the next chapter and that is my marriage to the Exfactor, which needs to be discussed, though it is not nearly as pressing as my first marriage was. Having said that, I wonder what's going to come to the surface in those talks, because a lot of things happened in our marriage that are not so admirable from the side of either party. There's not going to be a blaming game going on. Just an attempt at understanding. 

I've had my coffee in the meantime and I have switched to cold milk. It's making me burp something awful and I'm a regular orchestra all by myself. Tyke and Gandhi are the only audience members, so I don't have to be embarrassed. 

My head's still on awfully straight. I haven't stopped being sensible yet. I don't know what's come over me. I don't know how long this is going to last, but I better take advantage of it and do sensible things.  One sensible thing I'm going to do now is get dressed and walk the dog. At least I will get that out of the way.

Have a nice day!



Twain12 said...

glad to hear your appointment went well. I think too that sleep patterns are a personal thing . I don't need a lot of sleep, but the Men in my life do. Have a good day ♥

Gail said...

Good to know you can close that chapter of your life.

The next one won't be so bad, you still have a good relationship with X and do seem to enjoy each other's company.

Good luck with this chapter. Remember there is much good in this chapter, too.

Sleep does become more difficult, especially if I have something on my mind. Doesn't have to be important...just on my mind. I woke every two hours last night and was up early...thinking, planning.

aims said...

Your statement that you have finally finished your first marriage and that you are done with it has sort of rocked me and made me look at myself.

I don't think I've ever been able to say that. I think it is because I need to finish the book. What do you think?

Bernie said...

You do sound good Nora, it is nice to deal with issues and move on and it does take hard work at times but so worth it.
Hope your day is going well, we have warmed up here - its -7 and the sun is shining, so pretty with diamonds sparkling in the snow. I love it. .....:-)Big Hugs

Frances said...

Good for you, Irene. That is a huge achievement.
I agree with Gail, the Exfactor is maybe not going to be such an issue to deal with.
Now you have dealt with one sticky relationship and accepted it for what it was, that should be much easier to do with the last, if you feel you need to do that.
If you are not beating yourself up over it and you're getting on well with someone who has become a friend, it might be good to leave it alone? After all it struggled to survive with the weight of all the baggage of the past.
It might be a pity to examine it too closely while it is so near. What do you think?