Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One more time...

I've just taken Tyke for a walk in the real autumn like November wind that blew yellow leaves all around us and ahead of our feet. It was invigorating and not at all that cold. It made me feel alive and ready to take another walk once we were inside again. We will have to go again before it gets dark and I hope the wind will be blowing as nicely then. 

I do appreciate this weather and I want to take advantage of it before it gets too cold to really enjoy it. As long as the wind is not too cold, it is wonderful how it hits your face and makes your skin feel just a bit chilled and look all rosy. I love the way it comes from unexpected directions and whirls the leaves around in spinning circles and rushing waves of color. 


I became very sleepy and had to lie down on the sofa where I took quite a nap. I will have to drink some coffee to completely come to my senses again. The coffeemaker is brewing it now. I have to be patient for just a few minutes, though I find that hard to do. 

There, now I have my coffee. I will be a living, breathing human being shortly. Right now I'm just faking it. 

I was waxing so poetically about the wind and the leaves, but I don't think I can do it anymore. All the poetry has left my body, only dull wit has been left behind to fill up the holes. That and a whole lot of sleepiness. I can't hone my writing skills on them. I will have to use different tactics now. 

My plan was to take Tyke for a walk before it got dark, but I don't know if I'm going to make it. The wind has stopped blowing as blustery and the sun is already getting low on the horizon. And I am still yawning. I need another cup of coffee, obviously...

...Well, instead of messing around with coffee, I took Tyke for a walk, because he would not wait any longer. It was still windy outside and not cold yet, so it was still enjoyable. It is a good thing that we went when we did. It is just starting to get dark and the streetlights are on already. 

I must remember that I like blustery wind that's not too cold. I didn't remember that about myself. It's like it is a new discovery that I made today. How interesting. See how you're never too old to learn things? Even about yourself? 

I am having that other cup of coffee now. It is still very welcome. I've turned the lights on in the living room and will close the blinds in a minute. I see people coming home from their work now, many of them on their bicycles. There are still kids playing outside before they have to go in for dinner. It's Wednesday, so it must be meatball day. That's traditional.

When I think of meatballs, I think of the nice little ones you get at Ikea. I haven't had those in a long time. I can't eat them anymore because of my gastric band and the last time I did, I ran into terrible trouble, because I ate more than I could handle. I'll never forget those meatballs. 

But I still like to go to Ikea. You just need to bring a big, full wallet with you when you go, because there's so much to see that you want and you can easily fill up one of those big shopping carts they have. I have no trouble spending money there. That's probably why I avoid the place right now. It's dangerous. 

It's time to watch the news. I have to go and be informed, although I think it will make no difference if I know how things are in the world. I can only do my share to make it a better one in my own limited way and hope everybody else does their share. I feel very frustrated at times. It doesn't seem that enough people care. 

Have a good evening!



Lane said...

How funny, I've just cooked up a big pan of meatballs and we're having them with spaghetti. I must have channeled some 'Dutchness' today:-)

Have a good evening Nora

Gail said...

Have a wonderful evening.

Twain12 said...

i love wind too, expect in winter when the windchill goes down to -20C or more...that is a little too much lol .Have a good night

Bernie said...

I too like a warm wind but I don't like cold wind chills, the wind can be so brutal here....:-) Hugs

Maureen said...

Mmmm... meatballs sound delish right now! Just catching up on your last three posts. I have to agree about the scarves. I LOVE wearing them in the Fall! I wait all summer for the cooler weather just so I can wrap myself in a comfy scarf.

I hope your ear cleared up... I haven't worn earrings for a long time. I like rings, but I find especially in winter, earrings make my ears too cold! So I have gotten out of the habit of wearing them.

Oh Ikea! My daughter and I love to shop there when we go to Minneapolis; I adore their paper napkins and stock up while there. The best thing is we are getting our very own Ikea in about a year; when it opens it will be the largest Ikea in the world, apparently (it is the case when each one opens, I think. They build them bigger each time). It will be a lot handier having it 15 minutes away instead of an 8 hour drive away!

Take care, keep well.