Sunday, November 7, 2010

According to the polls...

The polls are closed and when I let myself be guided by the results, I have to conclude that the overwhelming majority of you want me to keep writing all my blogs. I think that is okay with me, though I don't know if I will write in all of them every day, because not all of them are equal favorites of mine. Some of them are stepchildren and some of them are visited by very few people. 

Some of them aren't commented on because they are read in readers, which I tried this afternoon in the Google Reader and which is a very impersonal way to read blogs, I think. It doesn't allow you to comment and I don't think you show up in the statistics. It takes the interaction out of blog reading. 

So, I will remove the polls from the blogs shortly, after you've all had a look at them and maybe make up a new poll. I have to think about that. I have to think of one that's inoffensive to everyone, yet controversial enough for people to want to vote in. 

It's starting to be late in the afternoon and pretty dark in here. The rain has stopped falling for now, but there are still lots of rain clouds up there in the sky. I like how cozy it is right now and for a change am not bothered at all by the time of day. I used to think this was such an undetermined time in which the day couldn't make up its mind as to what it was, afternoon or evening. It was a toss up. Right now it seems like it doesn't matter and the darkness closing in is welcome. It will bring peace and quiet. 

I am determined to enjoy the evening as much as possible. It is Sunday, after all, and I want to make the most of what is left of the weekend. These are my last free hours. My God, that sounds as if I have a tough job to go to tomorrow. I guess that's how I look at the weekdays, as tough days that need to get lived through, when it is really the weekends that are the hardest. I do have to get that straight for myself and not live under illusions. I can't keep fooling myself about that. 

Nevertheless, I will enjoy the evening, but it is a fact, of course, that I should enjoy every evening, no matter which day it is and not just relegate that feeling to the weekends. There's no rule that says that you can't enjoy the weekdays. It seems to me that those are not bad days at all. It's some kind of myth I'm living with that the weekends are better days, when in fact I don't experience them that way at all. Let's do some myth busting here right away. If you catch me saying, "Thank God it's the weekend!" again, you can call me on it and tell me I'm very confused. 

Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock my personal helper is going to be here for an hour. That will be just enough time for a shower and a chat and to walk the dog if we do everything in a hurry. That's all the time she's got. I hope the Exfactor can come, because I'm out of a lot of things and was not able to go to the supermarket on Saturday. He said he would be here on Tuesday, but I hope I can change his mind. I've sent him an email and will keep my fingers crossed. 

My coffee has grown cold and old and I can't drink it anymore. It's time to switch to drinking juice. I've just taken my medicines and need to walk the dog again. The weather forecast is so confused, that it shows sun with partial cloudiness while it is pitch dark outside. That gives you a lot of confidence, doesn't it? 

Have a good evening!



Gail said...

Each day, I guess, is what you make it. Now, if I would just learn that lesson, I would be great.

Dad used to call that time of day, neither day nor night, is such a beautiful time, putting the day to bed and waking up the darkness.

Maggie May said...

I think I do read a lot of blogs on reader, but I usually do go over and comment in the end.
Seems quicker that way.
I think the type of thing you write about can really be put on one blog but I think all the blogs are attractively set out and that is why people have difficulty choosing just one.

In the end, I think you have to do what is best for just you and you alone.
You might get more consistent comments if it were all on the same blog!

Hope you get a good nights rest & feel refreshed in the morning. I will be glad when these wretched fireworks are over & I won't have to console a very nervy rabbit...... Ash.

Maggie X

Nuts in May

Connie Rose said...

If you use Google Reader, you must download the "Next" button to install on your favorites bar -- also the "Subscribe" button.

When you find a new blog you like, simply click on the Subscribe button on your toolbar, and Google will automatically take you to where you can subscribe to that blog.

When you go to Google Reader once or twice a day, as I do, after I see a list of newly updated blogs, I simply hit the Next button that I've installed on my toolbar, and I can scroll through those new blog posts one by one -- and this mechanism takes you to the actual blog post, not the Reader version of the blog post.

Definitely check it out!

Wisewebwoman said...

Well I didn't vote in your poll as I feel it is such an individual decision and when one is decisive that is extremely good for one's well being. Nothing to do with 'good' or 'bad' just a decision.
Ah the weekend is over, I have mixed feelings on it. I tend to lose track of weekends when I am having a very good time.