Monday, November 8, 2010


I've just cleaned up the kitchen and the living room and I did that quickly. Next, I have to hang up the laundry and make a shopping list. I'm really waiting for my medicines to start working and they should shortly, because I've taken them about an hour ago. I must say that I feel calmer than I did a while ago, so there is progress already without me realizing that there was. 

I'm drinking a glass of cold milk, because I'm all done drinking coffee. I made enough for three cups and I think that is more  than enough to start the day with. Actually, I don't finish the third cup, because it's too much to drink for me, so I could actually make less coffee. It's just habit that keeps me making the same amount every morning. That, and the concern that I might actually want more coffee one of these mornings. It's silly, though, because I never do. 

Tyke had wagged the ivy on the coffee table with his tail and leaves had flown all over the area rug. I just finished picking them all up. It's a neat trick that he did when he jumped on top of it. He does still do that every once in a while, but it is mostly a thing of the past. He does realize that the coffee table is out of bounds now. Sometimes his exuberant puppy brain takes over and he forgets and I have to get him off of it as quickly as I can. 

Gandhi is quite innocent of these shenanigans and hardly ever does anything bad, except for use the furniture as scratching posts sometimes, while she has three of those at her disposal. Cats are great at ignoring the obvious and using something  else instead. Jesker used to shove her out of the way when she did that and I'm trying to teach Tyke to do the same thing, but he hasn't quite caught on yet.

I've just cleaned up the bedroom of a shredded cigarette pack and made the bed. I will hang up the laundry next. Little by little I will get everything done. There will be too much laundry to fit on the drying rack and I will have to get creative with hangers on the shower curtain rail. The bathroom will be filled with laundry. It is too cold to hang it outside to dry. 

There, I've hung up the laundry and got almost everything on the drying rack. Now I have to take a breather. It was a lot of bending and stretching. I did my morning gymnastics. I suppose that now I'll get the washing machine filled up with the next load.

I have to get dressed next and make a shopping list and go to the store. I'm thrilled to pieces about this, but it can't be helped. I have to go or do without a lot of things and that is not possible. The fact alone that I have to get some cigarette lighters is enough to make me go there.

It was fun spending time with you while I did my chores. 



Bernie said...

So glad you have accomplished so much this morning (well it is my bedtime here) Have a great day my friend.....:-)Hugs

aims said...

You know - it was fun doing the chores with you!

You sound so well my friend! It makes me happy!

Lane said...

You've accomplished loads already this morning.

Hope the rest of the day goes well for you Nora.

Wisewebwoman said...

good for you, I wish I could say the same thing for myself, I don't know where my day has gone....

John M. Mora said... make me happy