Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I actually managed to sleep through the night. This in spite of the fact that I went to bed relatively early. I'm thoroughly amazed at myself and can't believe I did it, but it goes to show you that with a little bit of goodwill I can. I'm ever so grateful that I did because I needed a normal night's sleep. I haven't had one of those in a while. I'm ready to face the day now and I can't always say that when I wake up in the morning. Usually, I have to go back to bed.

The early birds are singing and it gives the morning a cheerful feeling. These birds are anticipating the sunrise which won't happen for another 45 minutes. There is rain in the forecast for this morning and it won't be very warm either, so I will have to wear some totally different clothes than I did yesterday when it was still sunny. That's okay, I don't mind raiding my closet. As a matter of fact, I enjoy doing it. There's always something there to wear that I'm in the mood for.

This morning my personal helper is going to be here and I saved the dishes especially for that occasion. I figured, we needed something to do together besides sit here and talk. It's better than doing the dishes on my own, anyway. I wish there were more jobs we could do together, but she's no help at all when it comes to hanging up the laundry which I need to do also. She hangs it up in the most impractical way.

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday, but I didn't get to see my SPN because she was sick. I got some relief from seeing my psychiatrist, but not the kind of relief I would have had if I had seen my SPN also. I can't say that I'm out of the woods yet. 

Actually, It's not a subject I want to discuss because I don't like the way it makes me feel, which is angry and frustrated. With myself, most likely. 

I hope you all have a good day.



Maggie May said...

When it comes to hanging out the laundry..... I feel that I am the only one who knows how to do it properly! If my husband has to do it for any reason, then it looks as though a toddler has hung everything upside down & inside out!

Glad you are feeling a bit better. You will be seeing your SPN on the next visit, I expect.

Have a good day now that it a bit cooler because I know thats what you prefer.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Twain12 said...

i'm particular about my laundry hanging too LOL. It is rainy today and i have to go to the passport office so i can get my passport renewed. I dislike going to downtown Fredericton, the parking sucks.
Glad you had a good night sleep, hope you have a peaceful day

Gail said...

Glad your rest was good. I am hoping for some today myself.