Friday, October 22, 2010

Something went pop...

A while ago, I heard something go pop in the kitchen and the refrigerator shut off. I also lost my Internet connection. I went to check things out and indeed, the refrigerator wasn't working and all the lights on the modem were out. Mmm...

I called the Exfactor and posed my problem to him. He told me to check the extension box that both the refrigerator and the modem were plugged into in the kitchen closet where the hot water boiler is also. I picked it up and water ran out of it. 

The Exfactor said that he had expected as much because of the water ballet he had had when he last had to fill the heating system. Water had sprayed all over the place. He told me to get a different extension box and plug the cords into it and it into the wall and then to check the fuses in the electric meter. 

I did all of that and made sure the buttons in the middle of the fuses were pushed in, but I still didn't get my power back on the refrigerator and the modem. Everything else seemed to be working. 

I called back the Exfactor and told him I was sorry, but that I was not smart enough to figure out the problem from that point forward because I was used to an American system and I didn't understand the fuses and the switches. He said not to worry, that he would be there as soon as he could. 

I took Tyke for a stroll to the mailbox to mail some letters and after that made a phone call to a friend and then the Exfactor was here. He looked at the electric meter and discovered that there was one old fashioned fuse in it that had popped and that needed to be replaced. Well, who ever heard of such a system? I've never had to deal with it. 

He went to the hardware store and came back with new fuses and I had him show me how to replace it just in case something like it happens again, though the Exfactor swore it wouldn't because he had improved the heating water filling system. Which is true, he has, I've seen it with my own eyes. Apparently it doesn't work quite as perfectly as we would like yet. 

The good part is that the modem and the refrigerator are working again, so the story has a happy ending and I asked the Exfactor if I could give him a big kiss for that and I could. All is well, that ends well. 



Twain12 said...

glad everything worked out :)

Bernie said...

What a time you have had, we all need our fridges and internet. So happy the exfactor was there to help out.....:-) Hugs

Lane said...

Phew. Well done to the Exfactor!

Have a good evening Nora. x

Wisewebwoman said...

He is a very good person, you are lucky to have him in your life.