Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Up early in the morning...

I'm having my cups of coffee and my cigarettes and have just written a post for my other blog The Unquiet Mind. Please go have a look, it is an update on my psychiatric situation. Much too serious a subject to discuss here, where I want to keep it somewhat lighthearted, although it may not always seem that way. I must admit that I do on occasion get serious here too, but I don't always set out to be, whereas on the other blog, I always do. I hasten to add, though, that you will not fall over with boredom if you read it. Besides, I need the traffic there, because it seems to be my orphaned blog and not a lot of people have made the link yet.

I didn't get a lot of sleep. I was up late working on the LibraryThing website, adding the proper covers to the books on my lists of books and it was a lot of fun. It became somewhat addictive and each time I said to myself that I would do one more page and stop, only to do another page after that. At one point I just had to stop because I was too tired, but I stopped reluctantly and I will finish the job today if I get the chance. I don't nearly have all the books I have ever read listed there, but at least the ones for the past 6 years or so and maybe more. I did go through a period when I read ferociously and read a huge amount of books in a couple of years time. Some of these books I don't remember now at all and I will have to reread them and a bunch of them are on my wish list at Which reminds me that I still have to reorganize the bookcase.

I didn't sleep late, but got up in a half stupor, very sleepy and barely able to make coffee, but in a good mood, feeling very sleep wobbly and cozy. I sat and had my first cup behind the computer and managed to write an email that was very simple and I felt oh, so good in my warm bathrobe. Soon enough I had a second cup and the caffeine started to work and woke me up properly. 

There is a difference between Fair Trade coffee and the regular coffee I get. The Fair Trade coffee seems to be lower in caffeine and doesn't wake me up nearly as well. I don't know how that would be done, if that is possible, but it seems to be so. Maybe the beans are roasted differently and the Fair Trade coffee is not as intense. 

I have no appointments and the only exciting thing about today is that it is payday. That means I get to pay bills. That's always the saddest thing about having money in my bank account. Watching chunks of it disappear. I do have a free day and must take advantage of it and hope that the weather is halfway decent so I can take the dog for a few long walks, because it seems to do him good and it doesn't hurt me either. It did rain on and off yesterday and during the night and everything is awfully wet and dripping. It's not going to be very warm either and more rain is expected, so we may not be able to make great expeditions. We'll have to see how much the sky clears up. 

I must go back to bed now, as I'm falling asleep in my desk chair. I need to sleep for at least another 5 hours. At least I have the time to do it. I have nowhere to go. Had I been smarter. I would have gone back to bed in the middle of the night when I was still so sleepy, but I had to be stubborn and get up. I do get a kick out of the most unusual things. Being half stoned with sleep and sitting behind the computer, for example. 

Have a good morning!



Twain12 said...

hope you have a good day and it won't be rained out to much

Ken and Elaine said...

Have a good day ,hope you and pup can get out and about for your walks, I find that walking my dog to be very theraputic ! Have a great day !

Babaloo said...

Sorry I haven't been round in a while! Hope you're doing well. I will go and have a look at your other blog.

Regarding the coffee, I'm sure they're just two different sorts of coffee beans. You'd be surprised what a massive difference there is. I got Brazilian beans a few weeks ago which I ground at home. The coffee was much to mild for my liking and purpose (I make it in a cafetiere). So next time I'm getting something else.

Wisewebwoman said...

I find it is the blend of the coffee that is so important being the coffee aficionado that I am.
I get a fairtrade, a locally roasted one and love the Italian Blend, failing that the French Roast.

Bernie said...

Hope you had a great sleep and then a wonderful day.....:-) Hugs