Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sleeping successfully...

I finally did it. I managed to sleep for 12 hours, with one minor break in it at one point during the night. I slept so much that, when I first got up this morning, I had a headache from it. It was cured pretty quickly with a cup of coffee. I got up during the night and was very disappointed, thinking I would be up for hours. I got a glass of milk and smoked a cigarette and answered some emails and went back to bed, very determined to fall asleep again, and I did. 

I did have the most awful dreams about the American War for Independence and death and mutilation and murder. It was all very graphic and gruesome and I felt the pain in my sleep. I don't know why I have to dream about such violent things. They are what I am most scared of. A whole night's worth of sleep sure gives you the opportunity to dream a lot and my imagination apparently knows no bounds. All I can tell you is that dying by bullet is a kinder way to go than dying by sword or knife. 

Now it very happily is Sunday, the day of rest, and I am more than ready for it. All I have to do is go to the gas station to buy cigarettes, because with all that sleeping I did during the day yesterday, I forgot to go to the tobacco shop and I've used up the last crumbs of tobacco to make myself some cigarettes. I will not let that spoil the day, however, and I'm planning to make the most of it. The church bells are joyfully ringing and the sun is shining and it promises to be a nice day. 

Actually, it is the kind of day that makes you want to go to Ikea and buy things for your apartment to liven it up, because the drive over there is pretty too and it is so much fun to walk around in the store and to covet all the things that are on display. Alas, the budget does not allow it, unless I go rob the gas station and I'm too law abiding to do that. Imagine having the nerve to do that and having to live with the knowledge afterwards. I think I could only get away with robbing a really rich Arab of his pocket money, lol. But he probably only carries credit cards. 

The Exfactor was just here on his way to Belgium to see how I was doing. I think that was very kind of him, because the last time I talked to him on the phone I was not doing so well. Luckily, I only needed to mention rapid cycling and sleep and he understood what was going on because we've been through this before. I made a new pot of coffee and we smoked my last two cigarettes. You can't say that I don't share. It was good to seem him and I was glad he came by so unexpectedly. 

This did necessitate a quick trip to the gas station to replenish my supply of cigarettes and I hopped on my bike in the bright sunshiny day. I needed a jacket, but the sky was bright blue and everywhere there were people out enjoying the day, pretending it was still summertime and dressed in a variety of clothes, the more optimistic ones with bare arms. It isn't really that warm outside yet, but if you are in the sun and out of the wind, it is pleasant. The Dutch adore the sun and seek it out even when it is cool outside. 

I'm carelessly dressed and just put on what was lying in the chair in my bedroom. I'm not even wearing earrings.This morning I didn't give a hoot. I didn't even bother very much with my hair, which was sticking up and which I sort of got into shape with a comb and some hairspray. I couldn't be bothered and I think a person ought to be allowed days like that too. I would wear sweat pants and a T-shirt if I had those. Or an old pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. It's really too bad that you can't get away dressing like that over here. You always have to look presentable, even when you're having an off day. Even if you're dressed casually, you have to look good, like you put some thought into it. I will put together a better outfit in a minute because I have to walk the dog and I'm sure the dog cares. Lol. 

Boy, sleeping nights sure is a lot of work. I feel like I've done a lot of labor and that the night lasted a long time. I hope it gets easier, because it's not something I look forward to now. All night long I was very much aware that I had to sleep and that I had to stay in bed and that I was uncomfortable doing so, and then those dreams!

Allez, I'm going to change my clothes and walk the dog. It will be nice out and good to get some fresh air. I'm sure the dog will enjoy it too. 

Have a very good day!




Gail said...

So glad things are on an even keel today...enjoy.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

I dont know if it is a good thing or not but here in Oz people pretty much wear whatever they like...but then we are fairly laid back about most things.

Why do you have to sleep all night and not get up? I try not to stress about whether I sleep through or not.

Lane said...

Bravo on the sleep! Glad you're feeling replenished and enjoy your day of rest. I hope it's as sunny there as it is here.

Twain12 said...

gorgeous fall day here too, but cool. have a great Sunday my friend and i'm glad you are feeling a little better

Maggie May said...

Three cheers for sleep! I also had the best nights sleep that I can remember for a long time. Doesn't it make you feel good?

For Goodness sake keep out of that darned store. Well come to think of it you might never get out, such is the layout!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

So glad you're stable again and on the way up out of the pit. Sleep makes a huge difference.
I couldn't leave there being a PJ and teeshirt woman....

Bernie said...

Hello my friend, how do you remember your dreams so clearly. I always forget mine.
Am glad you are getting back to a normal routine again, and I am happy you had such a good day.
Be well sweetie....:-) Hugs

Maureen said...

You happened to mention my all time favorite outfit; flannel shirt and jeans! As a matter of fact, that's what I have on today! We obviously don't dress up enough in Canada ;)

Well, at least I don't.

It's been unseasonably warm here too; people are acting like it's still summer, relishing in these bonus days before the snow arrives...