Thursday, October 7, 2010

Slept right through it...

I fell asleep on the sofa and slept right through the news, so now I don't know anything about the state of the country or the world and I feel very badly informed. Do you think it is really terrible if I miss a couple of days? Actually, it's been more than a couple of days and for all I know the queen has taken over the leadership of the government and sent the whole incompetent bunch home. 

Oh no, I did watch the repeats of the news this afternoon and everything was as incompetent as ever, that's right. Our new government was almost being formed, we're just a hair's breath away from it and we're all just thrilled to pieces. It's been an extremely difficult birthing process and I think that shows it's not really meant to be, but onward they go with one track minds. I won't go on about this, because I'll get bogged down in details and I'll get upset and that will influence my good mood. 

When I woke up, I did not feel the need to make a pot of coffee like I usually do when I wake up from a nap, but got a glass of cold milk and that's what I'm drinking now, figuring that it will help me fall asleep quicker tonight when I'm ready to go to bed. So, I'm not having to artificially alter my mind with caffeine to feel good. I think that's a good sign. I'm a bit wary of drinking too much coffee, because I don't want to become hypomanic again. There's still a slight danger that I will, because sometimes I feel very good, as in, "Wow, are those fireworks exploding in my head?" And "My God, everything is full of stars!" 

I've started reading 'The Amateur Marriage' by Anne Tyler. Sometimes you need to read an uncomplicated, non-offensive book and that's the kind Anne Tyler writes.This is one of the few books by her that I've not read. I've also got 'The Accidental Tourist' and I'm going to be rereading that soon. I remember enjoying that one very much the first time around. When I read in bed, I have to hide my book and reading glasses so Tyke doesn't destroy them while I'm asleep. I shove them under my pillows when I get sleepy and hope he doesn't see me do that. Today he tried to steal my lighter, but I caught him on time. Now I leave everything on my desk and on the dining table. I think he's trying to get my attention. 

I'm off to bed now. I'm tired and more than ready to go to sleep under the duvet. I must remember not to get up in the middle of the night, but to keep sleeping. My personal helper is coming in the morning and I must be fit for that. We have some jobs to do together. 

Have a good night.



Maggie May said...

You might be better off not watching the news (not that there is anything particularly bad that has come to my attention) but it generally can dampen any spark of joy you might be feeling.
Hope you manage a really good nights sleep tonight.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Gail said...

I never watch the news. It is so depressing and dire...I ignore it and hope my vote will change the country.

Wisewebwoman said...

So glad I don't have a TV.....

I loved that Anne Tyler Book, it had me gripped from beginning to end, she writes of character so well.


Footballers Knees said...

I've not read that one, will take a trip to the library this weekend. And don't worry about missing the news - sometimes it does the soul good not to have to worry about the woes of the world, just for a day!